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2020 Roadmap

In July 2016, on the sidelines of the International AIDS Conference in Durban, governments from ESA Commitment countries met to reaffirm the ESA Ministerial Commitment, in efforts to accelerate their actions toward meeting the agreed targets by the year 2020. At the reaffirmation, governments agreed on a roadmap called ‘Step Up and Deliver’ to meet the agreed targets.

Advance Efforts and Investments

Consolidate Recent and Hard-Won Gains in the Reduction of HIV Prevalence in ESA, and Push towards Eliminating all New HIV Infections among Adolescents and Young People Aged 10-24


Although new HIV infections are on the decline across the region, these reductions remain insufficient. Significant numbers of young people, predominantly adolescent girls and young women, are still becoming newly infected. UNAIDS notes that adolescent girls and young women are a key population in danger of being left out in the AIDS response. While trends in the region are showing encouraging declines in risk behaviours the reality is that young women and girls continue to face difficulties in navigating these risks due to power imbalances in relationships.

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