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Talking about CSE in a Religious Community.

Talking about adolescent sexual and reproductive health within the context of your faith can help provide clarity for your young congregation. As a religious leader, it is important to clearly define how these topics are viewed within your faith tradition.

Communicating openly can: 

  • Clearly define faith community values

  • Build communication between parents and young people

  • Help youth feel at ease about who they are and their sexuality

  • Help youth cope with their feelings and deal with peer pressure

  • Help youth take charge of their lives and have healthy, loving relationships

  • Help protect youth from sexual abuse

Religious Leaders’ Toolkit on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The toolkit seeks to provide religious leaders with relevant information and suggested materials for creating dialogues with people of different age groups. It includes developmentally appropriate content, and suggested activities and messaging for the discussion of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR)  with various age groups. Audiences for those tools include parents and caregivers,  as well as young people by developmental stage, including pre-adolescent children,  younger and older adolescents and youth. It is designed to build the confidence of religious leaders while providing concrete ideas on how to discuss difficult issues with age-appropriate information and topics.  

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