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Eswatini is airing the Let's talk EUP Radio Drama

On 5 April 2023, Eswatini launched the Let’s Talk Radio Drama series. The Permanent Sectretary for The Ministry of Education and Training, on behalf of the Minister of Education, and the Director of Educational Testing Guidance Psychological Services (ETGPS ) lauched this important radio drama to prevent early and unintended pregnancy (EUP) in the country.

The first episode of the Let's talk EUP drama series started with a bang. The presenters were two learners, a UNESCO colleague, and the Director of ETGPS. Parents called in and expressed their appreciation of the drama series, emphasizing that it was high time parents had conversations with their children.

Listeners shared their views during the first airing of the Radio drama:

"I just wanna say, damn the drama series is good!"
"I believe that it the right time for our kids to learn lifeskills. To prevent the mistakes we did as parents."
"Most of our parents are failing to raise us well, the only thing they know is to provide more what we want, and not what we needs... They forget that we should grow psychologicaly, so that we are able to face challenges"

The key issues that arose from the drama series were that parents need to understand that things have changed Young people are exposed to a lot of information some of which is misleading. The learners appreciated the relationship that Lulu had with her Mother and the one that Sam had with his Father in the Drama series. Young people also mentioned that their failure to communicate with their parents about issues concerning them can emphasize mental health issues, which can lead to suicide. The Let's talk EUP radio drama help generate these important conversations between Young people and their parents and among the society at large. In Eswatini, let's talk and prevent EUP!

Let's talk EUP Radio Drama

The Let's talk EUP radio drama is inclusive and brings together different audiences for conversations. While the primary beneficiaries are adolescent girls and young women, the drama equally speaks to and engages men and boys as agents of change. The drama creates dialogue and opportunities to engage audiences on the issues of EUP through a medium that not just educates but entertains. The drama will look to start conversations in order to create a dialogue about the core issues and facilitate knowledge, attitude and behaviour change across groups.

The following themes are explored in the radio drama:

  1. Personal Choice

  2. SHRH myths versus facts

  3. The role of religious leaders

  4. Dialogue versus judgment

  5. Mindset changes

  6. The role of CSE

  7. Toxic masculinity versus men as allies

  8. Generational attitudes towards SHRH

  9. Gossip versus community

  10. Peer pressure

  11. The role of alcohol

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