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O³ Programme - The largest comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) programme in Africa

Over a period of five years, the O³ programme has managed to not only achieve but exceed the symbolic milestone of reaching 34,597,487 learners! Building the capacities of 414,510 in-service teachers has been core in supporting the delivery of good quality CSE programmes that are adapted to the legal, cultural and social context of every country.. This was made possible through key interventions such as the UNESCO online CSE training module, which saw 2,258 teachers successfully complete the course, and the development of the Connect and Learn community of practice, which has been instrumental in strengthening teacher capacity by creating a platform through which teachers and other stakeholders can share knowledge and experiences, build specialized knowledge, and access useful and innovative resources for the delivery of CSE. In addition, UNESCO launched the Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future Plus (O³ PLUS) project in 2021. The project aims to empower students in 24 higher and tertiary education institutions (HTEIs)o achieve positive health, education, and gender equality outcomes.

In 2022, the O³ programme exceeded its targets by reaching 34 million learners with life skills based HIV and sexuality education, 60 million young people reached with CSE through multiple mediaplatforms and 42 community members reached with efforts to keep girls in school.

Read O³ programme Annual Report:

O3 Annual Report 2022
Download PDF • 6.99MB

More details about the Programme results in 2022:

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