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Phumzile - A legend in your own lifetime

It is with sadness and heaviness of heart that we painfully embrace the reality of the loss of a woman of a kind, Reverend Phumzile Mabizela. A mother, sister and devoted spiritual leader to many; feminist of note, riveting gender activist, a passionate HIV and human rights trailblazer. And, particularly to us at UNESCO and the UN Technical Coordinating Group for the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Ministerial Commitment on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), she will affectionately be remembered as our CSE champion.

Phumzile’s outstanding contributions speak volumes about her open-mindedness and pragmatic approach towards the advancement of positive transformation, inclusivity and diversity in society. As our CSE champion, she was on a mission to ensure that no young person goes through the struggles that she experienced as a teenage mother.

Reverend Phumzile advocated for the provision of information and services for young people to make informed choices and decisions. Thus, she emerged to take her rightful place globally to impart wisdom and truths in different spheres to promote better lives for adolescent girls and boys. She truly embodied the motto, no one should be left behind.

In the religious setting, she preached a message of understanding and inclusion, supporting access to sexual and reproductive health to all, and discouraging the use of religion to perpetuate inequality, social injustice and oppression. She had a big heart that accommodated the entirety of humankind itself; a beautiful human being who demonstrated that a better world is possible and that there is hope for humanity, if only we can all just play our part in generating the better world we all desire.

Reverend Phumzile was a charismatic woman with an unwavering dedication to social justice. We all agree that she leaves this world a better place than she found it. She represents a glowing example of an impactful existence – a life well-lived.

Legends don’t die - they rest.

Rest in Peace dear Phumzile

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