Young People

  • The ESA Commitment belongs to young people. It is critical that the most marginalized and vulnerable are factored into relevant policies and programming related to their health.
  • Programmers and other stakeholders should consider young people as a heterogeneous group with different needs and situations which are taken into account in programming.
  • There is a need to bring to light the changing realities of young people and work with key stakeholders to eliminate barriers to access SRH and HIV services at all levels.
  • There is a need to innovate around the use of different and relevant forms of media (both traditional and digital) to ensure diverse groups of young people are sufficiently connected and continue to be engaged with in the policy-making processes that impact on their lives.
  • New and effective mechanisms need to be found to reach young key populations and marginalized adolescents, for example: those who are living in extreme poverty, married at a young age, sell sex for economic survival, or living with disabilities.