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Nomathamsanqa Naomie Ndlovu from NUST Zimbabwe won UNESCO visual art competition

As part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, UNESCO launched an essay and visual arts contest. UNESCO invited young people from O3 PLUS participating countries to contribute to raising awareness to address gender-based violence. Young people were encouraged to take action by writing, drawing, making a video, photographing, painting about combating gender-based violence. For visual art, Nomathamsanqa Naomie Ndlovu, 23 years old, National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe has been selected as the regional winner with her video.

She explained her video as follows:

The piece showcases 3 survivors and follows the theme OUR RIGHTS, OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE

Survivor 1

She represents the right to basic Human Rights. She hides her pain to protect her reputation but is saved by society around her. It shows the Rights to be treated humanely, without any form of abuse inflicted on anyone. It highlights the importance of family, friends and society in combating Gender Based Violence at a Global scale.

Survivor 2

She represents the right to Life. She has been severely beaten, emotionally and verbally abused, reported multiple times and confided in friends and family members but was not believed by anyone and was instead blamed and told to stay and pleasure the husband in all the ways he requires. However, she got the courage and was strong enough to leave eventually with her life intact.

Survivor 3

She represents the right to a Better Future. She suffers from depression and anxiety as after effects of the abuse she endured at the hands of her partner, the father of her child. She escaped and saved herself and her child. She has committed herself to fighting tirelessly and bringing a stop to Gender Based Violence not only for herself but the future generation too. The fight against Gender Based Violence is not only for us but for the children we bear that will follow after us. We hope and fight for a world where Gender Based Violence is no longer a topic for discussion.

We continue the fight and spreading awareness about Gender Based Violence in hopes to someday eradicate it completely. One should not have to "survive" in life we all have a right to live abuse free, happy and prosperous lives.

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