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Collaboration and support from Germany on ESA Commitment

Support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (GIZ) to the ESA Commitment continues.

Last week, Prof. Sheila Tlou, Director of UNAIDS ESA Regional Support Team and Dr. Patricia Machawira, UNESCO Regional Health Education and HIV Advisor were invited by the GIZ in Germany to provide an update on the Eastern and Southern African (ESA) Commitment. The ESA Commitment includes 20 countries in the region committed to strengthening comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health services, specifically for young people.

With attendance from experts in civil society, implementers and government officials, Prof. Tlou and Dr. Machawira presented regional and countrywide progress on the commitment as well as next steps.

“There is a real importance to facilitating this dialogue with the international community,” stressed Dr. Machawira. “Partnerships and collaborations like these significantly help to build on and provide resources at all levels, especially in country.”

“We are keen to continue our collaboration with GIZ,” said Prof. Tlou. “These discussions help support critical improvements in sexuality education and access to sexual and reproductive health services for millions of young people leading to the development of the region as a whole.”

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